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  1. Frame
  2. Rachet block
  3. Roll marking die

Installation and adjustment of roll marking die

  1. Remove the 1/4-20 shcs from the rachet block side.
  2. Separate rachet block from frame (may need to insert a flat screwdriver in the slot next to the shank to separate)
  3. Slide the marking roll onto the shaft on rachet block and re-install on the frame
  4. The shank is to be mounted in the machine so that the roll die is closer to the chuck than the return mechanism.
  5. The orientation of the characters on the marking roll can now be adjusted by loosening the two 8-32 set screws in the return cap.
  6. Rotate the roll in 90? increments until it’s in the desired location.
  7. Tighten the set screws.
  8. Make fine adjustments by turning the 1/4-20 set screw in adjusting screw post.
    for the roll to return the ratchet pawl must be tripped or the pawl may be removed for self return.
  9. Start initial contact on roll within 1/4" of characters. Making contact on the lead on cam.
  10. To increase depth of charcters move initial contact point further around lead on cam.

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